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Doris Helge, Ph.D. is author of three bestselling books, including “Joy on the Job.” You may have seen Doris interviewed on CNN News, The Today Show and NPR. In addition to serving as a corporate trainer for organizations like Microsoft, Doris has been on faculty at three universities and served as Executive Director of national organizations, including non-profits. She is a Master Certified Executive and Leadership Coach and Mentor Coach.

  • My job is to help you shine your brilliant Inner Light as an empowered woman who is a role model of competency and high integrity, heart-centered leadership.
    — Doris Helge, Ph.D.

Our Vision For You And How Doris’ Mission Emerged

I was 25 years old when appointed to my first leadership position in a dysfunctional organization. Since I had never heard of the feminine brain, I had no clue how to harness the leadership abilities women naturally possess.

In case this concept is new to you, the leadership styles of women usually prioritize:

  1. transparency
  2. healthy relationships
  3. empathy
  4. consensus building
  5. inclusiveness
  6. open communication
  7. emotional intelligence
  8. effective heart-centered leadership

I bumbled along with no leadership training and no female role models. I knew male leadership models didn’t fit but I didn’t know how to discover my personal leadership style. This was decades ago and no one in my work world was aware of the benefits of hiring a coach or securing a mentor.

Years later, when I did research to write the book, “Joy on the Job”, I realized I had made almost every possible mistake during my first leadership opportunity, except I was passion-driven and sincerely appreciated my team members. I had no self-advocacy skills and didn’t know how to manage my boss.

In spite of multiple insecurities and mistakes, I eventually led our team to national recognition. Like a seed sprouting new life in the middle of a rotten apple core, our team’s subculture managed to thrive in the middle of an organization that was quite fragile.

  • Exhausted from workaholism and the stress of trial-and-error training, I discovered the power of developing a network of competent, supportive women. We practiced “pay it forward” and genuinely supported each other’s success.

    Eventually, I discovered the power of hiring a coach. She helped me boost my leadership skills and challenged me to reach my stretch goals without sacrificing work-life balance.

  • womens leadership Success strategies and solutions

As my professional and personal happiness and success grew, other women leaders and emerging leaders requested women’s leadership coaching. Since I am a nurturer by nature, empowering women executives, leaders and emerging leaders became a new passion that continues to feed my Soul.

Which of the leadership challenges below do you want to address first?

  • Discover what is unique and special about Your Innate Personal Leadership Style. This knowledge will quickly and dramatically elevate your leadership success.

  • Learn how to confidently voice positions that are unpopular with multiple factions in your organization and be recognized for your honesty and innovation.

  • Enjoy using proven coaching techniques guaranteed to help you empower your team members to reach their peak potential.

  • Delete gender communication barriers and other obstacles to success in a male-dominated work environment.

  • Transform limiting beliefs and behaviors that are blocking the level of success you want

  • Practice using body language that creates positive attention and respect, while calming detractors and distractions.

  • Map your leadership career path, define your stretch goals and become crystal clear about your ideal plan of action.

  • Discover the most effective conflict resolution and consensus-building skills.

  • Explore assertiveness skills that build respect and solidify essential relationships.

  • Learn self-advocacy skills that attract supporters, raises and promotions.

  • Consistently lead with your strengths, being 100% confident as a female leader.

  • Enjoy using validated employee retention strategies.

Examples of Client Testimonials

  • I was worried about assuming a new leadership position. I wasn’t sure team members would trust me to lead them. I worked through all my fears with Doris. My confidence bloomed. Because I learned to totally trust myself, my new team fully supports me. They know I’ll fight for their needs and interests so their focus is 100% on doing their best work.

    Pat Hollister,Senior Team Leader, Allied Systems
  • With Doris’ leadership coaching, I initiated reverse mentoring, peer coaching and other new programs that significantly improved my company’s morale and performance. We now have a strong, supportive corporate culture.

    Helen Morris,CEO
  • Doris offered many solutions and tools that greatly helped our employees.

    Anita Orton,Regence BlueShield

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