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Doris Helge, Ph.D. is author of three bestselling books, including “Joy on the Job.” You may have seen Doris interviewed on CNN News, The Today Show and NPR. In addition to serving as a corporate trainer for organizations like Microsoft, Doris has been on faculty at three universities and served as Executive Director of national organizations, including non-profits. She is a Master Certified Executive and Leadership Coach and Mentor Coach.

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  • My job is to help you shine your brilliant Inner Light as an empowered woman who is a role model of competency and high integrity, radiating heart-centered leadership.
    — Doris Helge, Ph.D.

Our Vision For You And How Doris’ Mission Emerged

I was 25 years old when appointed to my first leadership position in a dysfunctional organization. Since I had never heard of the feminine brain, I had no clue how to harness the leadership abilities women naturally possess.

In case this concept is new to you, the leadership styles of women usually prioritize:

  1. transparency
  2. healthy relationships
  3. empathy
  4. consensus building
  5. inclusiveness
  6. open communication
  7. emotional intelligence
  8. effective heart-centered leadership

I bumbled along with no leadership training and no female role models. I knew male leadership models didn’t fit but I didn’t know how to discover my personal leadership style. This was decades ago and no one in my work world was aware of the benefits of hiring a coach or securing a mentor.

Years later, when I did research to write the book, “Joy on the Job”, I realized I had made almost every possible mistake during my first leadership opportunity, except I was passion-driven and sincerely appreciated my team members. I had no self-advocacy skills and didn’t know how to manage my boss.

In spite of multiple insecurities and mistakes, I eventually led our team to national recognition. Like a seed sprouting new life in the middle of a rotten apple core, our team’s subculture managed to thrive in the middle of an organization that was quite fragile.

  • Exhausted from workaholism and the stress of trial-and-error training, I discovered the power of developing a network of competent, supportive women. We practiced “pay it forward” and genuinely supported each other’s success.

    Eventually, I discovered the power of hiring a coach. She helped me boost my leadership skills and challenged me to reach my stretch goals without sacrificing work-life balance.

  • womens leadership Success strategies and solutions

As my professional and personal happiness and success grew, other women leaders and emerging leaders requested women’s leadership coaching. Since I am a nurturer by nature, empowering women executives, leaders and emerging leaders became a new passion that continues to feed my Soul.

Which of the leadership challenges below do you want to address first?

  • Discover what is unique and special about Your Innate Personal Leadership Style. This knowledge will quickly and dramatically elevate your leadership success.

  • Learn how to confidently voice positions that are unpopular with multiple factions in your organization and be recognized for your honesty and innovation.

  • Enjoy using proven coaching techniques guaranteed to help you empower your team members to reach their peak potential.

  • Delete gender communication barriers and other obstacles to success in a male-dominated work environment.

  • Transform limiting beliefs and behaviors that are blocking the level of success you want

  • Practice using body language that creates positive attention and respect, while calming detractors and distractions.

  • Map your leadership career path, define your stretch goals and become crystal clear about your ideal plan of action.

  • Discover the most effective conflict resolution and consensus-building skills.

  • Explore assertiveness skills that build respect and solidify essential relationships.

  • Learn self-advocacy skills that attract supporters, raises and promotions.

  • Consistently lead with your strengths, being 100% confident as a female leader.

  • Enjoy using validated employee retention strategies.

Examples of Client Testimonials

  • I was worried about assuming a new leadership position. I wasn’t sure team members would trust me to lead them. I worked through all my fears with Doris. My confidence bloomed. Because I learned to totally trust myself, my new team fully supports me. They know I’ll fight for their needs and interests so their focus is 100% on doing their best work.

    Pat Hollister,Senior Team Leader, Allied Systems
  • With Doris’ leadership coaching, I initiated reverse mentoring, peer coaching and other new programs that significantly improved my company’s morale and performance. We now have a strong, supportive corporate culture.

    Helen Morris,CEO
  • Doris offered many solutions and tools that greatly helped our employees.

    Anita Orton,Regence BlueShield

Are you ready to elevate your leadership skills, reach peak performance and build the solid support system you need?

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Explore Leadership Coaching With Doris

Examples of Leadership Coaching Certifications Related to YOUR Women’s Leadership Coaching with Doris

  • Executive and Leadership Coach, Center for Executive Coaching Leadership
  • Certified Master Executive Leadership Coach (MCELC), Fowler School of Business and Executive Coaching
  • Career and Vocational Coach (CVCC), Fowler School of Business and Executive Coaching
  • Conversational Intelligence (CIQ) Coach training by CIQ founder Judith Glaser
  • Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach
  • International Association of Coaching (IAC) Master Certified Coach and IAC Coach Trainer
  • Narrative Coach Enhanced Practitioner Continuing Coach Education
  • Advanced Coach, Clear Beliefs Coach Training, Luminary Leadership Institute
  • New Life Story® Wellness Coach certified and licensed by MentorPath
  • New Money Story® Mentor Coach certified and licensed by MentorPath
  • Relationship Coaching Institute Singles Coach
  • Relationship Coaching Institute Couples

Doris Helge, Ph.D. was named “One of America’s Top Ten Coaches” at an event at FedEx, New York City. The testimonial below illustrates why Doris was chosen. 

“About Women’s Leadership Coach, Doris Helge, Ph.D.”

Robin Lane calls herself, “a proud Joy on the Job seminar participant and Women’s Leadership Coaching Client”. Robin wrote the unsolicited testimonial below for inclusion in one of Doris’ bestselling books, “Joy on the Job --  over 365 ways to create the joy and fulfillment you deserve.”

Dr. Doris Helge is called an “Exemplary Leadership Coach” for very good reasons. I first discovered her work in her Joy on the Job seminars. Her audiences raved, “She’s the Women’s Leadership Coach who adds sizzle to an average work day. Now our jobs feed our hunger to become the exceptional leaders we all want to be.”

Participants in Doris’ Women’s Leadership Coaching programs discover their inner genius. Doris describes this as our innate ability to nurture our Soul at work while we elevate our performance and empower our team members to do their best work.

Doris has unique abilities to coach both leadership personnel and employees -- at all levels. Both leaders and employees develop a personal signature style that creates happiness at work, so unhealthy conflicts disappear. Teamwork is so much easier when conflict is rare. Doris’ Women’s Leadership Coaching moved me into a new phase of my life because less stress created more time and energy for all areas of my personal and professional development.

One of Doris’ specialties has always been low-cost and no-cost ways to boost employee satisfaction, performance and job satisfaction. Even if your organization isn’t interested in employee happiness at work, you can use the techniques on your own and immediately create positive change. If your company is interested, the organizations with which Doris consults consistently report elevated leadership, productivity, morale, and motivation. It’s not surprising that Doris won numerous awards for her coaching, writing and speaking.

Although Doris is now an internationally known coach and author, she overcame many very difficult personal and professional hurdles, some of which I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Doris has lived on both sides of the track. She has experienced both poverty and plenty.

She is absolutely convinced that the times she was forced to hobble down life trails strewn with harsh, jagged rocks for days, weeks, and sometimes years were her most important training experiences. Each journey prepared her to help people like you and I gain more joy and fulfillment. Serving humanity as a Women’s Leadership Coach and an author is Doris’ bliss. You should see how radiant her face is when the “Aha’s” illuminate her client’s faces. Doris was born for this job and you and I get to benefit from her date with destiny.

Doris has been interviewed on television and radio programs such as CNN, The Today Show, and NPR. Doris’ bestselling books include: “Joy on the Job,” “Transforming Pain into Power” and “Conquer Your Inner Critic.” Some of her books have been printed in multiple languages with worldwide distribution.

Doris is definitely a master coach. Her Women’s Leadership Coaching Programs for Emerging Female Leaders have helped women across the U.S. and Canada recognize and expand their leadership potential because Doris truly understands the confidence and other issues faced by women and by new managers and leaders. Having traveled a difficult road to success herself, Doris has a sincere and deep commitment to assist other women.

She has consulted with and delivered presentations to companies and other agencies across the U.S. and Canada, working with employees and leadership personnel at organizations as diverse as Regence BlueShield, the American College of Occupational and Environmental Health, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Exxon-Mobil, the National Athletic Trainers Association, the University of Texas, the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses, and Vanderbilt University. (Discover the names of more client organizations on her website.)

Can Doris understand and identify with the unique challenges of your team members? You be the judge. I first met Doris after she gave a keynote address for a national conference (AAOHN) for occupational health personnel. A spontaneous after-hours event made me decide to become a Joy on the Job Seminar participant.

Attendees from a variety of positions and industries quizzed Doris for two hours. We couldn’t fathom why she seemed to understand our specific jobs since she had never performed them. She listened attentively to everyone. She wasn’t “being nice.” She sincerely wanted to help us gain more job satisfaction.

I was so amazed when she described the types and dates of her previous work experience that I scribbled down her answers. Unless you’re a fighter pilot or an astronaut, there’s a good chance Doris walked a path similar to yours. Before Doris was recruited to leadership positions and became a well-known Women’s Leadership Coach, Doris served as a retail clerk, admin, fundraiser, educator and a customer service trouble-shooter. She’s been a grant writer, caseworker and volunteer. She’s also been downsized! She directed a nonprofit organization, sold ads for a journal, worked for a temporary services agency and coordinated national conferences. She’s been a professor at three different universities. Her research led to requests to testify before Congress. She’s also been a counselor, editor, freelance writer and executive director of two national membership associations. Whew!

This richly diverse background prepared Doris to be the leadership coach and author she is today. As an example of Doris’ coaching excellence, she was named “One of America’s Top Ten Coaches” at a New York City event sponsored by FedEx.

If you’re a leader searching for that special Women’s Leadership Coach who deserves your attention and your hard-earned money and if you want a leadership coach who will truly understand your unique needs, search the “Solutions” on this webpage.

Like most of you, I’ve heard hundreds of speakers and read lots of books. I interviewed many leadership coaches before I selected Doris. She’s different. She immediately understood my unique needs. Not only is Doris a perfect sounding board when I need assistance, I recently received a promotion I’d wanted for a long time. I also sleep better at night because I’m more confident in my job. Because metrics prove my team is cheerfully outperforming other departments, I’m taking some time to write this unsolicited testimonial based on gratitude for my personal Women’s Leadership Coach, Doris Helge.

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