Books by Doris Helge, Ph.D.

  • Joy On The Job

  • Joy On The Job

    Over 365 Ways to Create the Joy and Fulfillment You Deserve

    1. Claim the income and other rewards you deserve.
    2. Create a support system as strong as a steel brace.
    3. Discover the easiest, most effective ways to get your needs met when you’re working.
    4. Cash in on your strengths instead of warring with your weaknesses.
    5. Develop a powerful, positive resource state that shields you from negativity when you’re working.
    6. Turn difficult people into supporters.
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  • Conquer Your Inner Critic

  • Conquer Your Inner Critic

    1. Stop the nasty attacks of your inner critic.
    2. Discover your hidden strengths so you’ll be confident being Your Authentic Self.
    3. Inner peace will soothe you, including when you face new challenges.
    4. Radiate confidence when you promote your abilities and accomplishments.
    5. Your new level of courage will help you gain the recognition, respect and appreciation you deserve.
    6. Taking intelligent risks will become a joyful, spontaneous process instead of creating anxiety.
    7. You’ll thrive when you enjoy rewarding relationships in which your needs are met.
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  • Transforming Pain Into Power

  • Transforming Pain Into Power

    Making the Most of Your Emotions

    1. Become the strong, confident person you’ve always wanted to be.
    2. Discover how to use negative emotions like fear, sadness and anger as tools to improve your life.
    3. Become totally at peace with painful situations that have haunted you.
    4. Enjoy loving supportive relationships in which you are respected and your needs are met.
    5. Discover how to instantly feel calm and courageous, no matter what anyone else says or does.
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  • Joy on the Job for Introverts & Shy People

    Discover How to be Rewarded for Being YOU in a World of Extroverts

    1. Discover the secrets of successful, happy introverts and shy people around the world.
    2. Be recognized for the quality of your work and be financially rewarded for your ideas and contributions, even if you are internally focused, softspoken, reserved or shy.
    3. Immediately elevate your confidence, including when you need to sell yourself and make presentations.
    4. Easily and quickly regain your full energy when being in an extroverted world exhausts you.
    5. Learn how to be rewarded for being Your Authentic Self, no matter how different you are from most people around you.
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  • Want to Sleep Better?

    Discover How to Enjoy Deep Restful Sleep

    1. Are you sometimes too stressed or tired to sleep well?
    2. Without deep sleep, your productivity and brainpower decline. Your relationships suffer. You’re irritable. Life is a struggle. Eventually, you add pounds to your belly and your health fails.
    3. Discover the easiest ways to gain the rest you need so you can get the renewed energy and enthusiasm you’re craving.
    4. Enjoy the fact-filled ebook, “Want to Sleep Better?” and the mp3 that will calm and relax you.
    5. Allow the soothing voice of Dr. Doris to help you drift into the sweetness of a sound slumber. Most people fall asleep before the mp3 ends.
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  • Change Challenge Chaos

  • Change, Challenge, and Chaos

    Learn to Thrive in a Wobbly World

    1. Discover the secrets of people who THRIVE in the midst of chaos and constant change.
    2. Learn how to be a “Quick Change Artist.” We guarantee you’ll have more fun when life throws you a curve ball.
    3. Quickly boost your mood and your energy when you’re surrounded by people who live in a pressure-cooker and want you to join them.
    4. Use proven stress reduction tips. You’ll let go of struggle and enjoy a bold new passion for life.
    5. Discover the delight of true work-life balance.
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  • Get Respect & Appreciation Now

    You Deserve Happiness

    1. Discover the easiest and fastest ways to get more respect and appreciation, including when you’re working.
    2. Be valued and validated by the people around you.
    3. Leave behind feelings of powerlessness and enjoy the bliss on owning your personal power.
    4. Learn how to shield yourself from toxic people and surround yourself with positive feedback and support, including being paid what you deserve.
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  • Employment Engagement Made Free

  • Employee Engagement Made Easy

    End Employee Retention Problems Forever

    1. This ebook is based on research in 21 very diverse organizations, from large corporations to mid-sized businesses to small entrepreneurships.
    2. The information is oriented toward leadership personnel who want to keep their best employees but cannot offer the most competitive benefits and perks. It’s also helpful to managers of employees who lack passion for their jobs.
    3. Enjoy two case studies with clues for leadership personnel of all types.
    4. This book is related to the bestselling book, “Joy on the Job.” You discover proven, practical strategies that have worked for thousands of employees and organizations around the world to create fulfillment at work and more joy on the job.
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  • Secrets of Happiness When Working

  • Discover the Secrets of Happiness When You’re Working

    A 5-Week Ecourse

    1. Are you tired of stress and unhappiness when you’re working?
    2. Are you frustrated with your work environment or work style?
    3. Does the work you do feed your stomach, but your heart craves more passion and joy?
    4. Would you like to claim your fair share of support, recognition and fulfillment?

    Your first step is to understand how to get your needs met when you’re working. You’ll gain value no matter how you earn a living. People who are self-employed, employees, leadership personnel and entrepreneurs have written glowing testimonials about this 5-week ecourse, “Secrets of Happiness When You’re Working.” 

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