Emerging Woman Leaders? Discover Your Leadership Confidence Gold Mine

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Emerging Woman Leaders? Discover Your Leadership Confidence Gold Mine

Differences Between Emerging Leaders and Natural Leaders

Natural Women Leaders

Natural women leaders include self-starters like entrepreneurs, self-employed personnel and corporate employees who purposely and conscientiously climb the corporate ladder. They are often described as “decisive, born leaders, confident, ambitious, success-driven, strong and tough.”

Observers don’t usually know how vulnerable this type of leader often feels beneath what appears to be a sturdy shield of armor. The strong, authoritative leader is often criticized as, “The General, over-bearing, opinionated and preoccupied with power and control.” Misinterpretation and negative labeling of strong women leaders in male-dominated industries is especially common.

Natural leaders have remarkable strengths. Their resilient personalities contribute to excellent leadership as long as they discover how to work with other personalities. This is usually an ongoing process because the leader who is a robust early bloomer is often hardwired to charge forward, sometimes impulsively and without preparing other people for their mission.

Natural leaders sometimes need a reminder to pause and reconnect with their innate compassion for other people, especially when they feel stressed or under pressure to perform. It’s essential that a natural leader discover the true definition of “leadership power”.

Legitimate leadership power is the opposite of manipulating other people or forcing them to do what they would not do by choice. Natural leaders must explore how humility and vulnerability are related to authentic inner strength. Another ongoing challenge of many natural leaders is achieving a balanced life and understanding how important that is to the people they lead.

Emerging Women Leaders

Emerging women leaders are often excellent performers who did not originally set a career goal to rise to the top of an organization. They were promoted to a leadership position by their team or members of upper management who valued their performance. An emerging leader’s promotion is often associated with corporate turnover, downsizing or upper management’s need to appoint a person they trust to complete a specific team task.

Many emerging women leaders are promoted to leadership positions even though they have no leadership training. In spite of their capabilities, they are often given inadequate resources or support from upper management. Without Emerging Leader Confidence Coaching, most new leaders don’t know how to negotiate for the resources they absolutely must have in order to empower their team members to reach peak performance.

Sometimes, emerging leaders apply for a leadership position because they are so over-qualified for their original position that they become bored about the time a leadership position becomes available. Others are frustrated by the incompetency of their team’s existing leader. Because they want to do the right things for the right reasons, they decide to lead team members from a distress to success. Similar to how a reluctant recruit becomes a war hero, they are awakened by an emerging vision and a professional passion they feel compelled to honor.

How to Transform Emerging Women Leader Insecurity into Confidence

During their career transition from emerging leader to a leadership position, emerging leaders who didn’t perceive themselves to be a natural leader often feel anxious and fear failure. Nagging questions plague the consciousness of most emerging leaders, like “Who am I to lead this team? What if my team or upper management discover I’m an imposter!”

How do we address these understandable fears during Emerging Leader Confidence Coaching sessions?

  • We conduct a thorough inventory of the emerging leader’s strengths related to their new position.
  • I help them discover their Authentic Personal Leadership Style. This self-awareness becomes a “leadership confidence gold mine” that emerging leaders harvest for decades.
  • We also enhance the emerging leader’s confidence by developing a realistic plan to overcome and compensate for their weaknesses so they can lead with their strengths.

One proven coaching tool that makes emerging leaders breathe a big sigh of relief and exclaim, “I can do this! I can become an exemplary leader, too!” includes the interview material I share from discussions with some of the most well-respected leaders in America. You can imagine how much more confident emerging leaders are when they discover:

  • Their leadership fears are not only perfectly normal, they are a healthy way of preparing to become confident exemplary leaders.
  • Even the most famous leaders must manage self-doubt on an ongoing basis. (Women team leaders and female business owners are especially relieved to discover this truth.)
  • An emerging leader can become just as effective as an early-blooming leader who is perceived to be “a natural leader”.

A Proven Way to Ensure Your Success and Confidence

Whether you are a natural or an emerging leader, studies have indicated that your leadership will dramatically improve when you carefully select a coach who understands your unique needs so she can support and challenge you.

  • With coaching, you’ll know yourself, own yourself and be yourself. That will empower you to easily and instinctively help your team or employees do the same.
  • The first step is to fully inventory your unique strengths, skills and other resources. What skills or characteristics do you need to enhance or modify? What organizational and team weaknesses impede your leadership?
  • What false beliefs do you need to delete so you can allow yourself to become the exemplary business owner / team leader you long to become?
  • If you are a woman emerging leader in a male-dominated industry, which of your limiting beliefs may be related to being female? Women’s Emerging Leadership Confidence Coaching is a proven tool to create the equal playing field you want to enjoy while dramatically elevating your confidence.

Discover How to Shorten Your Learning Curve with Women’s Leadership Coaching

I walked through every stage of transforming my leadership style when I created and directed a national organization. I’m eager to help you make your learning curve easier and faster. Click here to complete a short application form so I can contact you for a complimentary 20-minute consultation. If we decide we’re a good fit as client and coach, we’ll discuss a coaching agreement. I look forward to being of assistance so you can enjoy being Your Authentic Self as a women leader who gains the trust and follow-through of winning teams that include people with many diverse personalities.

© 2019 Doris Helge, Ph.D. as interviewed on “The Today Show,” CNN and NPR. Certified Master Leadership and Executive Coach Doris Helge is author of bestselling books, including “Joy on the Job,” Doris has helped hundreds of leaders like you meet every challenge you’re facing. Click here to discover the proven tools you need to resolve every challenge.

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