Women Leadership Position Compensation and Job Title

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Women Leadership Position Compensation and Job Title


I’m in a corporate leadership position. Even though my performance reviews have been outstanding, I’m not being paid what I deserve. I’ve consistently taken on extra tasks to prove my value while I continue to ask for a new job title and salary upgrade. I’m doing more than I’m paid to do. Male peers have fewer direct reports than I do. The company is running “lean and mean,” so getting a pay upgrade or promotion is tough. My boss says he’s working on getting an upgrade in title and pay for me. I’m not sure if he’s being honest with me because he’s been saying that for almost a year. I need a coach to help me get past this roadblock.

P.S. I love my job so I don’t really want to look for another position.


Are You Making a Compelling Case? At the Right Time?

First, I’ll need to know how you’re submitting documentation regarding how you’re outperforming your peers. We need to make sure you’re making your case in the most persuasive way possible. I need to know more about your preferred verbal and written presentation style.

I also want to hear how you’re timing your presentations. Timing is critical to your success. We need to co-design the most effective plan for you. Documenting your communication to your boss about how you’re excelling expectations cannot be allowed to rest on the back burner until your next performance review.

I’ve helped many clients gain stronger comparison data regarding how they’re outperforming their peers and how many extra tasks they’re undertaking. You’ll gain the insights you need when we brainstorm together. Sometimes, getting the data you need is as easy as knowing the right questions to ask your HR Department. Informal sources can also be surprisingly helpful.

Are You Short-Changing Yourself?

As far as whether or not to trust your boss, I want to show you several things, including: (1) how to determine if he honestly appreciates your special contributions and (2) how you can discover if he is truly an advocate for you.

Let’s talk about any ways you may be unconsciously under-cutting your opportunities for advancement. Here’s an example: I see a red flag when you say you’re purposely taking on more work than you’re paid to do to “prove your value.”

There is a big difference between doing an excellent job to remind someone of your worth and giving your work away. Consistently surpassing your job description by doing more than you’re paid to do invites management to expect more and more from you, instead of paying you what you deserve.

How Are Your Negotiation Skills?

During your coaching sessions, our goal will be to help you discover how to get the salary increase and title you want. You’ll be more confident and clear taking your next steps because I’ll help you understand who is most likely to be promoted, why, and how you can develop Your Personal Career Advancement Plan so you can overcome any barriers while you stay in alignment with your life purpose and values. The way you worded your question tells me it’s also time for you to learn new negotiation skills that will empower you to take control of your career.

Some of the executives and other leadership personnel I’ve coached gained what they wanted by using a very direct method of highlighting their special value and achievements. It was best for some of my other clients to creatively use nontraditional approaches to gain the attention of executives at the top levels of the organization.

One client contacted me because she was discouraged and frustrated after submitting multiple layers of documentation, including excellent 360 degree evaluations. Although the data she submitted would have produced promotions at most organizations, like you, she faced a baffling barrier to compensation and title upgrades. Leadership continued to promise rewards but failed to follow through.

I helped her discover how to meet her career objectives by educating the top executives about the added value she brought to the organization. She then stayed with that company for two more years while enjoying a new title, a salary upgrade and an additional assistant to help with her workload.

Another coaching client with issues similar to yours learned how to point out potential negative results for the company if she stopped over-giving and over-achieving and did only what she was paid to do. Once she clearly outlined how much the organization would lose if she only performed tasks consistent with her job title and used the negotiation skills I taught her, she received a promotion, the title she wanted and a significant pay increase.

I’m eager to help you, too. Just complete the short application form here so I can contact you for a complimentary 20-minute consultation. If we decide we’re a good fit as client and coach, we’ll discuss a coaching agreement. I look forward to being of assistance so you can gain the compensation and job title you deserve.

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