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Women Need Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

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Women need leadership coaching and mentoring to overcome gender discrimination, confidence and role model inequities, funding deficiencies, etc.

From emerging leaders to C-suite executives, women face greater leadership promotional barriers than men. Men who make decisions about who to promote often select other men for key leadership positions. Women also usually face more barriers when they begin a new business or seek a raise.

https://WomensLeadershipTips.com offers proven solutions to overcome women’s leadership selection, advancement and other glass ceiling challenges, plus resources that elevate the skills and confidence of emerging women leaders.

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Doris Helge

© 2019 Doris Helge, Ph.D. at www.WomensLeadershipTips.com Doris Helge, Ph.D., MCC is a Certified Master Executive Leadership Coach and author of bestselling books, including “Joy on the Job.” Click here now to sign up for your complimentary Leadership Coaching Consultation.

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