• Women’s Leadership Success Strategies

    Proven success strategies are cherished by women leaders and business owners who want to avoid unreliable trial-and-error methods of achieving their goals. Because of social conditioning and hardwiring, most women naturally possess many of the key components of building teams that trust their leadership. In general, women leaders prefer to distance themselves from organizational politics. […]

  • Women Leaders Build Teams That Trust Their Leadership

    Successful women leaders build strong teams that trust their leadership. Are you aware of predictable “Leadership Traps”? They ensnare most leaders because they haven’t been coached about how to identify and avoid them. This article will help you discover some of the keys to effective leadership. These critical components of your leadership style will encourage […]

  • Successful Women Leaders Develop Trust and Credibility

    Successful Women Leaders Develop Trust and Credibility

    Leaders and emerging leaders often worry about gaining the trust of direct reports, team members and upper management because it can determine leadership success or failure. Trust of your leadership is often difficult to develop or maintain because of human hardwiring, diverse personalities, continuously changing personal needs, communication styles that create difficult people issues, work […]

  • Women’s Leadership Challenges

    Women leaders and emerging leaders in corporations, small businesses and nonprofit organizations consistently face career advancement challenges related to gender discrimination, inadequate numbers of women in top decision-making positions, absence of mentors, cultural and other social expectations and women leaders confidence challenges and support system deficiencies in male-dominated industries. At the present time, over half […]

  • Difficult Conversations & Difficult People

    Gender barriers to women’s selection as leaders and to leading teams and building businesses are directly related to the substance of this video, “Difficult Conversations and Difficult People.” Women’s hardwiring not only provides previously unknown advantages for leadership and team building, the differences between women and men’s hardwiring often creates significant communication and other barriers to […]

  • Inadequate Female Representation in CEO and Corporate Board Positions

    Why Women Make Exceptional Leaders

    Corporations with higher percentages of women in leadership positions are more profitable. This is related to women’s hardwiring and social conditioning. Leadership coaching helps women discover their innate personal leadership style, which dramatically accelerates their success. Working with a coach, women discover how their cultural conditioning and feminine brain structure are directly related to the […]

  • Inadequate Female Representation in CEO and Corporate Board Positions

    Inadequate Female Representation in CEO and Corporate Board Positions

    Low numbers of women in CEO, corporate Board and other decision-making positions decreases profits, productivity, customer satisfaction and loyalty. This is often related to toxic management and other difficult people dilemmas that degrade a woman leader’s performance review, health, productivity and employee retention. Women’s Leadership Coaching is essential because feminine input is usually scarce at […]

  • Women’s Leadership Challenges

    Challenges for Women Leaders

    Women’s leadership challenges include gender pay inequities, sexual harassment at work, work-life balance issues, inadequate management support and other stresses. Even in leadership roles, women are usually paid less than men in comparable roles. Leadership coaching helps women shift excessive workloads that create burnout and health issues while gaining greater support from upper management. Coaching […]

  • Women Need Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

    Women Need Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

    Women need leadership coaching and mentoring to overcome gender discrimination, confidence and role model inequities, funding deficiencies, etc. From emerging leaders to C-suite executives, women face greater leadership promotional barriers than men. Men who make decisions about who to promote often select other men for key leadership positions. Women also usually face more barriers when […]

  • Inner Critic Solutions

    Even the most experienced and successful leaders must consistently work with their Inner Critic. This is the negative inner voice we all have that taunts us with derogatory thoughts like, “You’ll fail”, “People won’t trust you,” “You don’t know enough,” and “ You can’t have what you want”. This video exposes the myths about our […]