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  • women leaders and pessimists

    How Women Leaders Reduce Pessimism in the Workplace

    Females in leadership positions and emerging women leaders often struggle with pessimists in their team who can block the woman leader’s success. Discover when you can and cannot help a pessimist reframe their cognitive distortions (faulty beliefs) so you can be an optimistic, visionary woman leader. Proven solutions to difficult people dilemmas will protect you from negativity so you can elevate trust, teamwork, morale and productivity.

  • Difficult Conversations & Difficult People

    Gender barriers to women’s selection as leaders and to leading teams and building businesses are directly related to the substance of this video, “Difficult Conversations and Difficult People.”

  • Inner Critic Solutions for Women Leaders

    Even the most experienced and successful leaders must consistently work with their Inner Critic. Watch this video for inner critic solutions for women leaders.